About Simply Iman Cloud University

Simply Iman Cloud University is an International online platform allowing people from all faiths and backgrounds to pursue studies in all aspects of faith and spirituality from a classical islamic-perspective. Students will have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and engage in an open dialogue with a teacher in real-time. This not only allows the student to learn better, but they will feel as if they’re attending a real halaqa (traditional spiritual gathering) and it gives them the opportunity to ask specific questions or request prayers for loved ones.

Simply Iman founder is Shaykh As-Sayed Nurjan Mirahmadi to help share important and fascinating teachings of world-class Islamic Scholars. Shaykh As-Sayed Nurjan also founded Nur Muhammad website, which addresses many spiritual subjects such as:

  • murakaba (meditation)


    Shaykh As-Sayed Nurjan

  • salat (prayer)
  • hub (love)
  • quran tafseers, hadiths and symbolism
  • dhikr (remembrance)
  • duas (supplications)
  • adab (manners)
  • tazkiyat-an-nafs (self-discipline)
  • nur (light)
  • ilm-e-malakut (knowledge of light)
  • baraka (blessings)
  • salams (peace)
  • rahmat (mercy)
  • qudra (energy)
  • nazar (gaze)
  • nafas (breathing)
  • nasma (aura)
  • nafs (soul)
  • tasbeeh, tahmid and tamjeed (sound and frequency)
  • healing
  • qabr, barzak, qiyama and akhirah (the hereafter)
  • alphanumeric code and abjad table (cryptography in quran)
  • internal and heavenly governance
  • spiritual laws on attractions and repulsion
  • spiritual laws on entering and exiting
  • spiritual fasting
  • internal and external silence
  • dreams and visions
  • extra-dimensional beings (angels, genies, …etc.)
  • and much more

Simply Iman will deliver these topics and much more to students in an organized and interactive fashion. For a full list of available courses please click here.

Simply Iman Cloud University was created to address the numerous requests for our Scholars to travel worldwide. Physically traveling to many different cities around the world has many expenses including airfare, accommodation and event planning costs as well as the Scholar’s personal time. Travel to a specific city also limits the Scholar’s ability to reach many people. Simply Iman Cloud University eliminates the need for high travel costs while still providing the student, for a nominal course fee, the ability to attain in-depth knowledge with a unique interactive experience.

We welcome you to join the free weekly Live Broadcast of Zikr, held every Friday and Saturday at 7:45 pm (PST).